• **DELAYS** SYG-006 & SYG-012

    This update comes a little late but I've been trying to get definite answers but they don't seem to exist just yet. See below for updates from our pressing plant.

    "These pressed but QC is finding your tests along with the others pressed at the same time have noisy non-fill on both sides. This has been determined to be an issue with the press (not the metal parts for these jobs), so they are repressing that whole batch tomorrow on the manual press to eliminate the non-fill variable quickly. I’m terribly sorry for the delay, but we wanted to verify that it was indeed a malfunction of the press first before ordering the repress to keep further delays from happening."

    "I’m sorry for the delay, we are swamped over here! Yes, your tests have pressed and are awaiting QC. They’re pretty backed up on 7” at the moment, but I will let you know when I see those have cleared and are about to ship out to you so you can know when to expect them."

    The mass amount of records being pressed for RSD2014 caused the first wave of delay and now QC issues are holding us up again. Once I have firm dates I'll be sure to update the site and let everyone know!