• SYG Recs & Hot Mulligan team up with Punk Talks and 36 Vultures for new release

    Save Your Generation Records is excited to announce the plans for new release due out early Spring 2016.

    One year ago today Hot Mulligan left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and headed to Toledo, OH to record their first EP, Fenton, with Mat Kerekes of Citizen. After self-releasing the 3 song EP digitally, we brought them on-board and added an acoustic version of "Buy A Fire Extinguisher..." for a CD re-release with new artwork by Johnny Mason.

    During that same recording session for the acoustic "Buy A Fire Extinguisher...", Hot Mulligan tracked 4 new songs with Josh Frost at The Elephant Room in Pontiac, MI. The result of that session became "Honest & Cunning" and was released at Bledfest 2015.

    Fast forward one year from Toledo and we're stoked to announce the release of "Hot Mulligan : Year One". We'll be combining the first 2 EP's on a single sided vinyl record with a screen printed B-side and brand new artwork from Joel Funk of 36 Vultures music blog and Dead Bee Design. The pressing will be limited to 200 copies with an expected release early Spring 2016.

    To top it all off, we'll be donating all profits from the pre-orders to fantastic service known as Punk Talks! Sheridan Allen describes Punk Talks as "my idea to eliminate the idea that you need to be miserable to be creative. I also work to promote education and awareness of mental health and self-care for everyone, with a special emphasis on music professionals."

    Check out Punk Talks for more info! and follow them on Twitter